Previous Projects

The CRBM’s multidisciplinary team carries out a number of innovation projects. Below are a few examples of completed projects that illustrate the range of the CRBM’s capabilities:

  • Study of anti-cancer activity of an algae extract in an in vivo model.
  • Evaluation of the antioxidant capacity of marine extracts to obtain a cosmetic ingredient.
  • Optimization and maximization of protein content of an algal biomass.
  • Identification of biocidal properties, for various fields of application, of natural extractable plant-based tannins.
  • Prevention and remediation of microbial biofilms in industry.
  • Implementation of disinfectant licensing platform.
  • Development of aromatic extracts from marine biomass.
  • Process improvement study of processing operations using biotechnology tools for snow crabs.
  • Development of native and hydrolyzed collagen extracts from fishing co-products.
  • Evaluation of shelf life on various natural health products.
  • Validation and application of a genomic quantification method of mushrooms in agricultural soils.
  • Development of new disinfectants: Evaluation of product performance and effectiveness.
  • Evaluation of stability and characterization of different groups of shrimp.
  • Development and validation of protocols adapted to the quantification of metabolites in blood plasma.
  • Development of methodology for drying active ingredients.
  • Development and pilot-scale validation of a process to obtain protein hydrolysates.
  • Development and validation of methods to identify and quantify active molecules for pharmaceutical use.
  • Testing and development of methods to measure elemental impurities and pesticide residue.
  • In vitro characterization of anti-inflammatory properties of extracts obtained through marine biomass fractionation.
  • Mechanism of action study on an algae extract with anti-cancer potential to develop a new biopharmaceutical product to treat lung and colon cancer.
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