The CRBM team has over 40 members from various scientific and administrative fields. The team’s diversity enables us to optimize interactions and approach innovation projects from a variety of perspectives.

Management Team

Scientific Team

  • Josée N. Bouchard, Ph. D., Director – Innovation, R&D
  • Jean-Michel Girard, Ph. D., Expert Researcher – Industrial Microbiology
  • Thi Thanh My Pham, Ph. D., Expert Researcher – Microbial Genetic Engineering
  • Erwann Fraboulet, Ph. D., Manager Researcher
  • Frédéric Le Sourd, Ph. D., Manager Researcher
  • Julie LeBlanc, B. Sc., Chemist, Manager – Quality Assurance
  • Mélanie Picard, Manager – Quality Services
  • Isabelle Lévesque, Specialist – Analytical Development
  • Geneviève Bois, B. Sc, Chemist, Specialist  – Quality Systems
  • Nancy Carrier, Specialist Technician – Analytical Chemistry
  • Chantal Plourde, Technician – Analytical Chemistry
  • Louis-David Proulx, B. Sc, Chemist, Specialist – Analytical Chemistry
  • Marie-Claude Lévesque, M. Sc.,  Manager – Quality Services
  • Caroline Dion, B. Sc., Specialist – Microbiology
  • Ève Gagnon-Pelletier, Specialist Technician – Biotechnology
  • Marie-France Chevarie, Specialist Technician – Biotechnology
  • Simon Glanowski, M. Sc., Specialist Technician – Biotechnology
  • Élise Leclerc, Technician – Biotechnology
  • Marie-Andrée Chaîné, M. Sc., Specialist – Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Marie-Ève Gauthier, M. Sc., Specialist – Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Éric Potvin, B. Sc., Specialist - Biotechnology
  • Yvan Bérubé, Specialist Technician – Pilot Plant
  • Jérôme Poirier, Specialist (senior) – Instrumentation
  • Pascal Fournier, Specialist – Laboratories and Intrumentation
  • Jean-Philippe Denis, M. Sc., Specialiste Technician - Laboratories and Instrumentation

Administrative Services Team