Industrial R & D

Industrial marine biotechnology expert

Supporting and conducting industrial research and development

Companies look to our experts to develop or improve their products or processes.

Facilitating project roll-out

We are known for the support we provide businesses. The CRBM team supports the innovation process throughout the various activities:

  • Feasibility and opportunity studies to identify or enhance the technology being developed;
  • Setting up R & D projects and supporting project financing requests;
  • Consulting with regulatory agencies to specify licensing expectations for upcoming products and to plan development project activities that produce relevant results for product registration;
  • Freedom-to-operate innovation studies to ensure innovation is truly developed and that there are no patent infringements or breaches of trade secrets;
  • Technology monitoring to identify new development opportunities;
  • Techno-economic assessment of processes, products or testing methodologies.

Ensuring high-quality raw materials

Our experts ensure that the raw material required by companies for their projects meets the required quality standards for the target sector. For example, it may be necessary to qualify a biomass according to a specific regulatory standard (testing) or to prepare it (biomass conditioning – drying, grinding).

Developing microbial culture processes

Using closed cultures (photobioreactor, fermenter, shake-flask systems), the CRBM team is also able to produce microorganisms and microalgae required to carry out projects. Developed based on the necessary components, the process yields customized raw materials. We are able to develop unique culture media and the culture process that facilitates the transition to pilot scale (prototype).L’équipe du CRBM est aussi en mesure de produire en cultures confinées (photobioréacteur, fermenteur, systèmes de flacons agités) les microorganismes et les microalgues nécessaires à la réalisation de projets. Le procédé développé en fonction des composantes recherchées permet d’obtenir une matière première sur mesure. Nous sommes en mesure de développer des milieux de culture uniques et de développer le procédé de culture facilitant le passage à l’échelle pilote (prototype).

Studying valuable properties of a product or extract

Using the biomass, extraction, chemical change and formulation testing may be performed to obtain products. Projects may include purification and bioassay guided fractionation to produce new extracts and bioactive derivatives.

The CRBM team has the knowledge to develop in vitro bioassays to evaluate various biological properties of extracts and active molecules. Various testing platforms have been developed at the CRBM to identify and evaluate anti-cancer, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory or biocidal properties of new ingredients.

Successfully developing a process and transitioning to pilot-scale

Our team works on developing and optimizing pilot-scale production.

Some examples include conditioning active ingredients and formulated products. A number of technologies are used, such as drying, grinding, separating, hydrolysis and extraction to filtration, centrifuging and homogenization techniques.

Our team also works on developing prototype production processes in order to generate finished products for customer market testing.

Optimizing a process or solving a problem

Companies look to our experts to find solutions or improve their products or processes. Our team will perform an in-house diagnosis on-site and suggest opportunities for improvement. This type of study has been used to address different problem situations, for example, for contamination control, product texture enhancements, yield optimization, quality control support, and product quality parameter correction.
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